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Outlook Connector Update - Outlook error -Unable to display the folder. Outlook could not access the specified folder location - 07/10/2010

Sometimew even Microsoft gets it wrong

If you get "Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location"
you've just updated your Outlook connector
you collect your hotmail/msn/live emails through Outlook then try this...

Set the hotmail/msn/live accout to "default"

-Email Accounts
-View Existing Accounts
-Highlight the hotmail/msn/live account
-Click the "Set As Default" button
-Restart Outlook

And hopefully you're away.

I can imagine if you DON'T want the hotmail/live/msn account as default this will be rather annoying.  I hope that it's a Microsoft error and will be fixed by an update some time in the future.  I can't imagine it being a devious ploy by MS to get you to use their account more...can I?


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XXX I got it thanxxxxxxx very must. I have a headache on this issue since I updated it. Then about a month now
Alex Thanks you so much for this! I've been searching all day for the solution, which went as far as editing the registry! I can't believe it was that simple!
Trina Great thank you. Finally it works!!
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