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IE6 and "Stack Overflow" on Windows 2000 - 07/10/2010

Customer called today, thinking he was virused up...again. 

I remoted into the PC and whenever he was on the Autotrader website he'd get "Stack Overflow at Line 51".  What was strange was that everything else seemed just fine. 

After a poke around I realised he was still using Windows 2000.  A perfectly good operating system and a favourite of mine, but somewhat outdated and unsupported these days.  And the latest version of internet explorer available for Windows 2000 is IE6.  Considering that everything else was working just fine and the other websites he was looking at were fine I decided that the problem was with the outdated IE6.  Autotrader uses an awful lot of Javascript and this was probably getting too advanced for the old browser.

What to do?  Well of course the way to go is to buy a shiny new PC.  But no, he doesn't need that.  Instead I installed the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.  This is as up-to-date as can be and should work just fine.  I hope with Firefox he can easily squeeze another year or two out of his old machine.  Other than the age, it's a perfectly good machine.


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