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Remember When Ebay Was Full Of DEALS! - 27/10/2010

I remember the first flush of Ebay.  It became so popular so fast, it was full of everyday people selling their junk and there were bargains to be had everywhere. 

I sound like an old man, reminiscing about how much better things used to be when I was young.  But I think it's true to say Ebay has changed out of all recognition.  I like my motorbikes so I'll search around Ebay for the odd used parts from time to time.  It used to be like an autojumble, thousands of people listing various bike parts that have been cluttering up lofts, garages and sheds up and down the country.  For the most part the sellers were not greedy, they were more concerned about making space in the garage for the next bike rather than turning a fast buck.  Bidding would often start at 99p.

Today Ebay is crammed full of professional businesses touting their wares.  A search for a used clutch lever will produce hundreds of items, nearly all if not all from bike breakers, dealers and home-based traders all trying to make good money.  You'd be hard pushed to find good old Joe Public selling the one he's had in the drawer for 10 years, even though the bike went 5 years ago. 

Things change I guess.  What does become harder though is as a regular Joe Public vendor selling old spares from long defunct bikes is being heard.  The professionals scream at the top of their technological voices with huge sales lists, bespoke Ebay websites and every trick, tactic and con in the book.  I wonder if Ebay will become a victim of it's own success?

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