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Blue Shift - Big Bang? Not Necessarily - 03/01/2011

We assume the universe if expanding, due to the "Blue Shift".  Basically all the things in the universe seem to be a tad "Bluer" than we think they should be.  This can be explained by the Doppler shift in the light colours due to the supposedly "too blue" objects moving away from us.  If everything in the universe is moving away from us, then logic dictates that once upon a time they were closer to us.  Taking that logic to the next level suggests that at some point in the past everything gets very close together indeed.  This is where the "Big Bang" theory comes from.

It seems there is a growing movement of scientists who are prepared to question the accepted and much researched "Big Bang" theory.  I'm certainly no scientist, just a passing amateur.  There do seem to be a range of other possibilities as to why we have this "Blue Shift".  Is it not possible that there is some substance, some matter, something as yet unknown that is tingeing the colours?  We know the sky is blue due to various chemicals in our atmosphere.  Is it not possible that in deep space something lurks to cause this?

C...that should be lower case the universal constant of the speed of light.  I've learnt today that this constant is not so universal anymore.  Refraction, such as the bending of light in water, is due to light travelling at different speeds in different mediums.  Maybe the medium of space, a vacuum, is not quite as empty as it would seem to be.  String theory and a few other cutting edge theories suggest that space or a vacuum is actually far from empty and full of strange things popping into and out of existence.  Maybe these things tinge the colours too.

The point is there are potentially many possibilities as to why we see this "Blue Shift" and to accept entirely that "Big Bang" theory is correct would be to close the mind to other possibilities.  I have neither the knowledge or tools to prove or disprove the theory, but I certainly leave my mind open and undecided.


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