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Plusnet's Inbuilt Firewall - 07/01/2011

I've got a client who's just moved his data server (posh name for an old PC with his data on it) to his house.  I needed to open up the HTTP (port 80) to allow WEBDAV access to his files.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy...?

Configuring his router was easy enough, yet I was still unable to connect to his data.  After a moments pondering I wondered if Plusnet, his ISP, was also acting as a firewall.  Some of the smarter ISP's will automatically protect your home network, quite a splendid idea for most users, although somewhat out of the ordinary. 

Sure enough a quick poke around in his Plusnet member settings and the firewall setting were found.  They are supremely simple, possibly a llittle too simple if serious configuration were required, but opening up the HTTP port was nothing more than changing the position of a radio button setting.  The only other work required was to reboot the router.

Well done Plusnet.  Solid work.

The help page can be found here...

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