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Windows 2000, End of an Era - 15/01/2011

I've just had a customer on who uses Windows 2000 as his operating system.  His issue is that his new HP printer does not have suitable drivers for Windows 2000.  HP no longer support Windows 2000.

For my money, Windows 2000 was the first proper working operating system that Microsoft created.  Windows 95, 98 and ME were horrible, and NT4 was good but too "basic" for end users.  2000 brought stability, useability and reliability.  I remember when XP was first released I DID NOT want to lose my Win2k box, it was my trusty and comfortable friend.  Now in 2011 there are a few of my customers who still use Win2k.  It still works a treat, especially on a modern PC as it is so light compared to Vista and Win7.  I recently put Win2k on a 2.4gig Dual core PC for testing and it FLEW!  Booted in moments and ran so fast it scared me.  

I'd still be tempted to use it today, save for a few issues.  Device drivers are the first problem.  Few manufacturers package drivers for Win2k anymore, so it can be a real issue if you've a new toy you want to install.  Internet Explorer is up to version 9 in Beta, Win2k will only support IE6.  This is not as much as a problem as you may think, as the latest version of Firefox and Opera work happily on 2k, so surfing modern sites for the most part is fine.  With the advent of cloud computing there are a handul of new methods of working with the cloud, such as Silverlight.  I doubt these will be supported on 2k.  For the most basic needs Win2k is still fine, as a file and print server it's perfect. 

But time and tide waits for no man.  I know the whole point of technology is to move on and on as fast as possible, yet I shall hold Windows 2000 in my heart with a little affection.  Sad and geeky I know.

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