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Windows 7, IE8, Multiple Windows, No Tabs - 12/02/2011


A customer is used to using XP and having several internet explorer pages open in DIFFERENT WINDOWS.  Like me he HATES that stupid annoying and frustrating tabbed browsing.  He can alt-tab or click on the taskbar to choose which supplier window he chooses to compare prices.  I know you can tab between different tabs but when you've gotten an established way of working and your fingers are trained to alt-tab as fast as lightening, it's comfortable and familiar.

Windows 7 works differently.  He has several links on the desktop and as he clicks each link he opens a new website to a supplier.  Well...he used to, now IE8 has one window and several tabs across the top. 

Easy thinks I...turn off tabbed browsing.  That's fine...except when he clicks on each link the one ie8 window just opens the new page and loses the other supplier.  GRRR...

I've found a registry hack that put's Windows 7 back into a normal, traditional setting.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main

Create a DWORD value - AllowWindowReuse (I used a 32bit DWORD if you have a 64bit option)

Set the value to 0, zero.

Restart ie and all things being equal...Bob's ya dad's brother...

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