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ASP.NET Useful Split Function (Good for Date Formats) - 11/03/2011

Found this looking through another coder's code...useful

<script runat = "server">

sub page_load
 dim x as string = "01/07/2011"

 dim y as array = split(x, "/")

 response.write(y(0) & " then " & y(2) & " then " & y(1))
end sub


This will produce

01 then 2011 then 07

It's "SPLIT" that's the useful bit.  Any string with a common seperator, such as dates, CSV files and even text with it's spaces can be split along that seperator into an array. 

The syntax is split(string-to-split, string-or-character-to-split-by)


split(mystring, ",") would split comma seperated stuff
split(mystring, " ") would split text into an array by the spaces

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