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Apple Macs ain't so HOT - 21/03/2011

Everyone talks of how good Apple Macs are.  It's not been my experience so far...

When my customer first got the machine, it was "different"  I've been working on PC based machines now for well over 15 years, I've got used to their quirks, foibles and both the good and bad points.  It's been very difficult coming to terms with the way Mac's work.  It's not that there's anything wrong with them, it's just that they are different which means having to learn a whole new way of working and thinking.

I'm still definitely not a Mac expert, far from it.  I can get the machine going, connected to the network, install the odd program and generally use it in the most basic sense.  I can see why they are popular amongst their users.  The screen is very good and the system works well.  BUT...Mac's tend to be owned by people who are computer literate, particularly those involved with graphics.  So what happens when a Mac is used by a regular user, a user who has already murdered several PC's by filling them with rubbish, installing every program that comes along and has a natural tendency towards digital assination?

She's part of the way through murdering the Mac too.  I had hoped the Mac would be resilient to such abuse, every tells me how good they are.  Like a new PC the Mac used to start quickly and run programs well.  It now starts slowly and runs poorly.  Just like the PCs she's murdered the desktop is full of countless icons.  Just like the PCs she's filled the hard drive with images, videos, empty folders and strange programs.  And more commonly now just like the long-suffering PC the poor Mac is requiring reboots from time to time when the keyboard and mouse stop working, a program locks up, the USB stick becomes inacessible or the screen goes dark and remains dark.

There's nothing wrong with Macs.  But they are not the perfect computer as Mac fans will tell you.  Just like a PC they will suffer at the hands of an abuser.  It's just that Mac owners tend to be less abusive by nature.

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