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Print Spooler Service Not Running AND AND No Print Spooler in Services - 30/03/2011

ARGH!  Customer's gas analyzer PC...stuck on some AntiVirus...AV said just about everything was virused up and promptly removed the gas analysis software...internet explorer...and a whole lot more.


Restored everything from the quarantine folder...quietly removed the AntiVirus...and preyed that at least the machine remained serviceable.  It worked ok...until I got a call printer...nothing.

Don't get me wrong...I've advised the customer about the fact the whole machine is virused up...badly.  He dismissed this a nonesense...impossible...  So that's why I've left the machine virused long as it analyses gas and goes online I don't think he's bothered.  I've taken some time, and a lot of panick, but I've sussed it with the help of the internet.

No Print Spooler in Services.

Look in the registry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler 
If it's not there...that's why there's no Print Spooler in Services.msc.  You need to put it there.  There's little point just creating it, there's a raft of stuff in there.  I "exported" this section fo the registry to a file from a working PC and "Merged" it onto the poorly PC.  A reboot later had the Print Spooler Service up and running

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