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R1 Theorem AKA The Return of the Luminous Ether - 31/03/2011

R1 Theorem - That light travels through the quantum world riding on a wave of matter-antimatter that pops into and out of existence. AKA The Return of the Luminous Ether.

Ok, so previously I've suggested that light does in fact travel through something, the ether of the quantum world where matter and antimatter spontaneously pop into and out of existence...apparently. Could this be why light slows down through different mediums?

I was always told that the speed of light is a universal constant, then recently I learnt that light travels at different speeds through different mediums. This is why we get diffraction in water, you know that effect of putting a straight stick into water at an angle and it looks like it's bent. Perhaps the light passes slower through the water as it is more dense than the air. We know THAT as a fact, but perhaps the matter gets in the way of the quantum matter-antimatter that is the medium that light travels through. We believe that an atom is mostly space. There's a nucleus then a vast amount of emptiness until we reach the electrons. The quantum world suggests these electrons are never really in one place per-se they're everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

So we've got this busy electron or 2, or maybe even 200, being in various energy levels around the nucleus. Yet the size of these electrons is miniscule when measured against the size of the atom. This is the quantum void that light must be travelling through on it's wave of matter-antimatter. Of course in any medium where the matter of our universe is getting in the way then this must slow down the wave front.

Let's hypothesize that light in a matter free space...travels at 300,000m/s. If light then slows down to 270,000m/s as it passes through water we can work out that light has slowed down by 30,000m/s, or 10%. I could now suggest that 10% of water is matter...only 90% is empty void where the quantum world can pop into and out of reality.

10% is far far far too big a number. I'd expect if there's any truth in this theory the number to be more like 0.0001%.

Lets see what Wiki and the internet says about the speed of light through water...

Catch ya soon.

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