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F1 To Go Electric? - 04/04/2011

That headline caought my attention too.  No...well at least not yet.  But Jean Todt has started the ball rolling for an F1 style all electric race series.  Fantastic!  That's what I say.  If ever there's a group of engineers that can adapt and overcome it's the F1 crowd.  This could be a great thing.

Firstly, if we see cars razzzing around a circuit it makes anything cool.  If electric cars are seen as cool then there'll be more chance of people buying them.  No longer will the likes of Clarkson whinge on about green hippies, he'll have to find something else to complain about.  

Secondly, and most importantly, the development.  F1 brought us ABS, a wonderful safety feature.  It brought us the active suspension seen on many modern sports cars.  It has developed aerodynamics much faster and further than the aero industry and has contributed to such things as automotive safety and performance.  If the racing world is pushed, steered and ecouraged to start on electric cars lets hope they can achieve great steps there too.

It's been really good to see the start of the electric class at the Isle of Man the last few years, but this doesn't attract the huge money and engineering talent.  It's lead to some superb back yard engineering and a few developments I'm sure, but there's nothing like good hard cash and the will to win at all costs to get things going.  

I've been a petrol head for years, but I'd love to become an elecy head.

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