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Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder, Best For Burning ISO's - 30/09/2011

 What a smart little program this is.

It's a completely free download that is installed onto your computer.  You'll not know it's installed, it does not slow your PC down, doesn't pop up or get in the way at all, in fact initially it's hard to find.  Then one day you've downloaded an ISO file, a cd image.  You're trying to work out how you're going to burn this image to that shiny blank CD, so you right click the ISO file and lo-and-behold, there's "Copy Image to CD" in the menu.

This starts up the ISO Recorder.  I'm not even going to tell you how to use's all very simple and very self-explanitory.  

Judging by the speed, small size and how well the program "fits into" the operating system, Alex is some low level programming genious.  Don't think low level means easy, the lower the level of code you write, the harder it is.  The lower the level of code, the closer you're getting to writing on "0's" and "1's" rather than a language.

Many many many thanks to Alex for such a simple and efective program.

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