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MagicISO (MagicDisc) - Access and Read ISO Images - 30/09/2011

Sometimes life deals strange curve balls and you find you need to access the information off an ISO image, in my case I needed access to the i386 folder off a windows disk.  Normally is you have an ISO you'd simply burn the ISO to a CD and access that CD in the normal manner.  But I found myself without blank CD's and desperate for the i386 folder.  A quick trawl of the internet and I soon found MagicISO.

There's a whole lot of features on MagicISO, I'm sure they're great.  But in this instance they're not relevant to me.  What it does do is allow you to "mount" an ISO image.  When the program is installed and mount the disk is selected, as if by magic I have a new drive, in this case "F:\"  In the F drive is the windows disk, working just like a real physical disk.  Amazing!  It would work with any ISO file, for example you may have a Office 2003 ISO but no disks, with MagicISO you could install Office from the ISO without ever burning the CD


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