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ASP.Net Dropdownlist From SQL (Access mdb) - 20/10/2011

If you've read any other bit from this blog you'll know I like Access...small...simple...easy.  Drop down lists can be populated from the results from an access database query.  So in the code section you'd do something like...

dim qwe as string
qwe = "SELECT myfield1, myfield2 FROM mytable"

dim dbconn as New OleDbConnection ("Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; data source = c:\myfolder\mydatabase.mdb")
dim dbread as oledbdatareader
dim runcommand as new oledbcommand

runcommand = new oledbcommand(qwe, dbconn)
dbread = runcommand.executereader

mydropdownlist.datasource = dbread
mydropdownlist.datatextfield = "myfield1"
mydropdownlist..datavaluefield = "myfield2"


So that's the code bit, in the page you'd need the following

<asp:dropdownlist id = "mydropdownlist" runat = "server" />

The only real thing to note is the "datatextfield" and "datavaluefield", so the text is what is displayed in the list and the value is the sort of "hidden" value bit.  If you're retrieving the value, or text, of the dropdownlist then in the code its...




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