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UDROCX_H264.ocx, DVR _H264, StartImage Error...GRRRR!...Fixed - 24/11/2011

I know a company that installs CCTV equipment, amongst other security hardware.  What they don't do is fiddle with routers, that's my job.  Often I'm asked to come and open a port on a router to allaow internet access to the CCTV.  This allows users to view the CCTV typically using internet explorer.  For this to work, internet explorer needs a program to "translate" and connect to the DVR box.  This is an "ActiveX" control.  ActiveX is just a small program that allows internet to run programs "within" itself rather than externally.

In this instance, the first problem is allowing internet explorer to download and run the ActiveX control.  Ahem.  Worked fine on my netwook, didn't work at all on my home PC.  IT took a while, too long actually, to realise that I use my PC as a low level user and not an administrator.  Login as a user with Admin priviledges...I can run the ActiveX.  Schoolboy error, silly me.

All smiles I connect to the DVR box and wait while the ActiveX downloads and installs.  Error.  The little yellow triagle in the corner of IE tells me that UDROCX_H264 can't do something about StartImage.  Yeah, like I know what THAT means.

Solution?  Install .Net1.1

I can only assume the ActiveX control needs to use some of the .Net code to work. 

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