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VB Script to Delete Files Older Than X Minutes - 11/04/2012

Sometimes the seemingly complex need not be so...

Use this in a .vbs file to delete files over a certain creation date and time.

dim myfso
set myfso = createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

dim mydir
set mydir = myfso.getfolder("C:\myfolder\myworkingfolder\")                 

dim myfiles
set myfiles = mydir.files

dim mymod

for each mymod in myfiles
 if datediff("n", mymod.datecreated, now) > 65 then mymod.delete        .

2 things to note...change the folder to the folder youw ant to work on and the "65" is the number of minutes od the file is before it's deleted.

No need for explanation really...

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