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Facebooks VERY NAUGHTY Links - 17/06/2012

I was so not expecting this...

Just poking around on facebook, much to my shame, when I spotted what looked like a figleaves advert.  A nice lady in fancy underwear looking all pretty as any airbrushed model should.  Figleaves thinks I, that's the lingerie site is it not?  Now I'm not averse to such matters, I'm a bloke who lives alone so I thought I'd have a look at what is fashionable in the underwear world these days if you know what I mean.

I clicked on the link and the page did a few typically odd things, it goes to facebook to record the click, then it went to some other page, preseumably to do the same then it went to a "hook up" site for want of a better word.  I was expecting to see models wearing the latest in sexy lingerie, wht I dod not expect was to see 20 or so images of regular girls with pretty much all of their feminine anatomy on display!

Now I know facebook will know I'm male.  I know facebook will know I'm well above the age of consent.  I know facebook will know my status is single.  What I don't expect though is that facebook should redirect me to what amounts to a website for people who "want to get laid" and the immediately show pictures of women in their birthday suits. 

What I expect happens is this.  Facebook sell adverts, many thousands I expect.  They may even scan them to make sure that they are "suitable".  So an advert for figleaves lingerie is suitable for a 40 year old male, it's saucy but not immoral.  Once the advert is running it may even initially redirect people to Figleaves or some other suitable website.  but once it's cleared monitoring or technically the advert poster can see I'm a regular viewer and not a facebook employee, it redirects to wholly unsuitable advertising.

To be fair to facebook, and being technical as I am, this is an incredibly difficult problem to avoid.  There are many technological ways to work out if it's a facebook employee or an ordinary facebook user that's clicked the advert.  There are thousands, maybe millions of advertisers and to monitor them all is impossible.  They will need to keep an eye on this.  If this becomes common then advertising will become a farce and will put facebook into even more financial turmoil.

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