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VTiger SMS Custom Service Providers - First Problem... - 20/08/2012

VTiger has, as long as you kept the "SMSNotifier" optional module at the time of installatiom, the ability to send SMS text messages from within the appliation.  To configure who deals with the SMS message use "Module Manager" then "SMSNotifier".  There you'll see "Add New".  When you click on this there's only one supplier option, "ClickATell"

There are instructions to add other SMS service providers.  Many of them have already written a bit of code or script that you can implant and it will provide the option to use their service...but what if you wish to write your own?  In the htdocs folder follow the trail to


There you'll see "ClickATell.php and "MyProvider.php.sample".  Now these are the files, or scripts, that set the providers.  Fairly obvious what to do next...copy the "ClickATell.php file, rename it "TestTell.php" and watch it magically appear as another provider...NOT.  Of you do JUST this then the Add a Provider dialog box won't even open.  Grrrrrrr....!

Be sure to open the new "TestTel.php" file, and at the top of the code you'll find

class ClickATel implements ISMSProvider {

Be sure to change ClickATel to TestTel.  ie the class name needs to match the new file name.  I'm not a .php expert (yet) but it seems the class can be a file...grrrrrr...!  And of course, this being PHP, open source and all things hippy then it WILL be case sensitive...grrrrr...!

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Phillip How are you getting along with your custome sms provider script?
Teena First of all you needs to import the SMS Notifier module of vTiger CRM from module manager,to the SMS provider would be same as what you mentioned in the file. ... appropritate name of the phone and SMStext based on your service input, I tried above solution but its not working. please help for this.
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