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S.A. Lomas Pencil Art Blog and Articles - DONE! - 06/10/2010

...well I say done.  I'm sure as Sharon starts to use the system more and more there will be requests for more features.

The blog is quite a simple thing to create, the hardest part was creating the ability to upload and manage the images.  Uploading images to the server over the internet using ASP.NET is a releatively simple affair.  But being able to insert those images which requires HTML code being inserted into Sharon's words is quite another matter.  Sharon is not a programmer, she doesn't know how to write HTML and as an artist she certainly did not want to have to learn!.  Anyhow the problem was solved and she seems to be mastering the whole system quite well.

A blog is a good idea for anyone trying to promote themselves online.  There are many blogging websites out there.  There is also quite a lot of off the shelf software that works really well.  I wanted to create the blog system myself to allow me to tightly control the HTML, the search engine friendliness of the pages and purely as a matter of learning too!.

Cheers, Ren.

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