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IIS ASP.Net Session Random Lost Timeout Problem/Issue - 27/09/2012

In short...Check your "Web Gardens" and set it to 1

Internet Information Services Manager
Right click the problematic application pool
Performance Tab
"Web Garden"..."Maximum number of worker processes"

Set this to 1 then apply.

In simple English...ASP stores its memory of which user is which, what session is what etc etc in it's worker process memory, if you have "In Proc" chosen (In Proc...In Process as in worker process).  If you have 1 worker process then thats fine. 

If however you create a garden, or a handful of worker processes for one single application pool, then if the request is sent to the originating process...fine...but there's a good chance at some point it will be sent to another worker process.  This worker process know nothing about the session from the originating process and can't keep the session alive so it bombs out.

Hence it's random.  If you've got 2 worker proesses then you've a 50-50 cahnce of losing the session...the more processes the worse the chances.

Look at for more technical stuff...but basically MS says...that's just the way it is mate...



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