JavaScript Press And Hold Button

Blog Date 22 November 2021

The Code

<input type="button" value="<<" onmousedown="MyMouseDown()" onmouseup="MyMouseUp()" />


                var MyPosition = 0;
                var MyTimer;

                function MyMouseDown(){
                    MyTimer = setInterval(function () {
                        MyPosition += 1;
                    }, 50)

                function MyMouseUp() {


The Explanation

If you call a function in JavaScript by pressing a button, that function is called - as you'd expect. But there are times where you want to "keep the button pressed". For example in a game the left button has been pressed to move a character left. But for each move rather than having to constantly re=press the button it makes sense to keep the button pressed.

JS can't... really... quite do this. So all we are doing here is saying - ahem - "on mouse down - run this code". The thing is when that code is run it starts a setTimout loop running. This setTimeout loop keeps on running until onmouseup function MyMouseUp() is called. This clears the setTimeout.

It's worth noting that BEFORE the functions we declare a var MyTimer. This becomes the setTimeout when the button is pressed with the mouse and is then cleared onmouseup.

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