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A bloke in Bolton, a computer and 23 years of experience in the IT industry. I are be mostly a programmer using C# .NET, SQL, and web page front ends. Currently I'm getting to grips with MVC, a lot of Javascript and JQuery, APIs such as Amazon and PayPal, and Razor pages.

So What's This Website?

This is my brain dump. I learned a LONG time ago there is simply too much to know in IT. There's no way I can remember EVERYTHING. I use this space to keep my notes and code samples to act as a reminder of the things I know and some things that I've forgotten I know.

The Nerding Blog

SQL For Working Hours Using SQL to calculate working hours seems fiddly, but we'll get there in the end
C# Add Column(s) to a Datatable Reminder of the quick way to add columns to a regular DataTable in C#
C# HttpClient and Async Super Basic Example Really simple ASP.Net Framework aspx page that uses Asynchronous method to get HTML from a website.
DevExpress GridView Column Button And Popup A basic example of DevExpress's GridView populated on the code side, with a button in a column and a popup also from DevExpress
DevExpress GridView Populate In Code Another super basic example of using DevExpress's GridView but this is filled in the code rather than with a regular DataSource in the html side.
JavaScript Moveable Draggable Div This is NOT a "drag-n-drop" div, rather a div that a user can position on the page where they see fit by dragging it with their mouse. VERY SIMPLE
SQL SUM of Non Normalised Column Getting Normalised SUMS from a non normalised table can be tricky... This seems to work fine. Be curious to see how slow it is on a BIG dataset though.
MS SQL Trim On Insert Really simple SQL to remove white spaces, in particular around an email address
DevExpress Show Report In Web Form Quick n dirty on how to show a report you've created in DevExpress on your web forms. There's a note on why it may not work and what to do about it.
DevExpress Report Inner Join DevExpress's Report's don't INNER JOIN unless you use the right DATA SOURCE TYPE.
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04/12//2023 15:27:14 UTC
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I've been struggling with this for some time. It is the '.Value' part I was missing.
07/22//2021 14:55:46 UTC
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Cheers, useful thanks
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Thanks, durgh
08/07//2019 11:35:50 UTC
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Handy. Nice n simple
02/18//2019 11:55:49 UTC
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