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A bloke in Bolton, a computer and 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

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Online Databases
My primary focus is online databases. Say what? Simple websites for small businesses with a database to make them useful. Maybe a plumber can log in to their database via a mobile phone, tablet or PC and pull up their customer records or perhaps recent quotes. An engineering company could allow access to several users via touchscreen computers to view stock or upcoming jobs.
IT Support
From data cabling to getting your emails working, from setting up a new PC to sharing files from Microsoft Sharepoint, I can help. I've been working in IT Support for years, supporting home users and SMEs.

The Nerding Blog

C# Bind Array To Repeater/DataGrid In a remarkable twist, using a simple array as the data source for a Repeater or Datagrid is very simple. For once.
C# Email Validation/Verify Ain't no-one got time for Regex and RFCs. Just send the blasted email and see what happens.
Javascript Check All Checkboxes Quick, dirty and easy to understand Javascript to check and uncheck all the textboxes in a web page.
Javascript Toggle CSS Dropdown Menu Display Javascript and CSS to show and hide a drop down menu for website navigation. This toggles show and hide from the button and always hides when anywhere else on the screen is clicked.
What Is Recursion - The Most Basic Example Recursion was a mystery to Ren but fear not, it's nowhere near as complicated as you might have thought. It's easy when you finally grasp this simple concept.
PHP Mail() With HTML PHP's mail function allows emails to be sent, typically from a form on a web page. Here's a starter for sending such an email with HTML
JavaScript Maintain Scroll Position PostBack Simple to read and use and understand JavaScript to put your page scroll back to where it was before a button was pressed or some other call was made
MySQL REPLACE INTO MySQL Replace can help make one SQL command work as either a INSERT or an UPDATE. It's all about nulling the primary key doncha know.
Disabling The Back Button - Sort Of Stopping users using the back button in a browser is not possible. But there are scabby hacks to work around this.
C# Array To List, List To Array Quick 'n easy conversion from arrays to lists, lists to arrays
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C# Equivalent of VB's vbcrlf JohnS said :-
Thanks, durgh
7/8//2019 11:35:50 AM UTC
C# Hash SHA512 Simple Dirty JT said :-
Handy. Nice n simple
18/2//2019 11:55:49 AM UTC
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Go To Chit-Chat Ren - The Ed said :-
Good call, I'm fixing that as we speak. Thanks Anonymous
19/3//2021 1:03:37 PM UTC
Anonymous said :-
Your hits page should not be public facing and should be locked down.

Full access to your visitor IP data and what sites/pages they've visited that you host. I would recommend putting authentication on it as IPs can be considered personally identifiable information under GDPR.
16/3//2021 9:43:51 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
24/12//2019 10:34:40 AM UTC
Random Link - C# Read Text File Line By Line
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