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A bloke in Bolton, a computer and 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

What do I offer?

Online Databases
My primary focus is online databases. Say what? Simple websites for small businesses with a database to make them useful. Maybe a plumber can log in to their database via a mobile phone, tablet or PC and pull up their customer records or perhaps recent quotes. An engineering company could allow access to several users via touchscreen computers to view stock or upcoming jobs.
IT Support
From data cabling to getting your emails working, from setting up a new PC to sharing files from Microsoft Sharepoint, I can help. I've been working in IT Support for years, supporting home users and SMEs.

The Nerding Blog

ASP.Net Multiple DropDownList Wrong Code Multiple DropDownLists? Strange goings on? Particularly if the Back Button is used? It's ASP.Net being lazy. Here's a simple hack.
Drag And Drop With Data Basics The absolute basics of drag and drop using Javascript. We're also passing a little data around to see how we can make use of the drag n drop
Very Simple Drag Drop File Upload Drag n Drop file uploads with nice, easily manageable divs to CSS however you like SHOULD NOT be complex. This is as simple as it gets
CSS ASP.Net Absolute Basic Overlay Box Sample code for the most basic overlay extra information type box using CSS in the HTML and C# ASP.Net to process any data
MS Access Compact/Repair From Command Line Running MS Access Compact/Repair from the command line, usually for a script in task scheduler
Javascript Style Change Changing the CSS style of an element using Javascript ought to be easy. It is when I spot the missing link - getComputedStyle
Visual Studio Code Reset - Green Underlines If VS2019 is underlining obvious ASP.Net HTML items then reset VS.
C# Array.Resize C# How to resize a regular string array. Nothing complicated but instinctively it seems arse about tip.
C# Simple Random Alphanumeric Quick N Dirty random string generator. Not super secure but it'll do for low level stuff.
CSV Format As Text No Matter What Forcing a CSV file to read field contents as a string, escaping such as commas and other awkward characters
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C# Equivalent of VB's vbcrlf JohnS said :-
Thanks, durgh
7/8//2019 11:35:50 AM UTC
C# Hash SHA512 Simple Dirty JT said :-
Handy. Nice n simple
18/2//2019 11:55:49 AM UTC
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