TeamViewer QuickSupport Install

  • Open Play Store

  • Search for "Teamviewer QuickSupport"

  • Once found - ensure the item looks like this - then "Install"

  • Wait for download and install to run. You should then be presented with the "Open" option.

  • Tap "Open". You will see the following screen. Tap "AGREE AND CONTINUE"

  • You will now go through 3 screens shown below. These are merely to tell you how WONDERFUL QuickSupport is. With each one swipe the whole screen to the left.

  • You'll now have a screen with a front and centre box asking to "Remotely control this device".
    You choose "OPEN SETTING". As QuickSupport is a powerful tool we need to give the app permission to do things.

  • This screen is asking for elevated access. By tapping the circled slider it will slide to the right and look as though it is "on" - this allows QuickSupport to work.

  • Click on the circle at the bottom of the screen. Back on the main page (home page) find the QuickSupport Icon and tap it.

  • Once the app opens wait for a few moments. You should get a number next to "Your ID" like below. This is the number you need to give the person remoting in.

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