Live Mail 2012 - .html And .txt - No Email

Blog Date 28 June 2021

The Problem

Windows Live Mail (in this instance 2012 but may apply to other versions) only shows ATTxxxxx.html and ATTxxxx.txt files at the top of the email viewing window - as opposed to the regular email you'd expect to see.

The Solution

Clear the browsing history.
Control Panel
Internet Options
General Tab
Browsing History
Focus on the Temporary Internet Files - your choice regarding clearing cookies and form data etc.

The Explanation

This is a GUESS!!! I suspect Windows Live Mail uses internet explorer to display the emails which are mainly HTML based these days. If the temporary internet files folder has reached some kind of arbitrary limit WLM can't use IE and as such just shows the folders instead.

I came across this issue on a now old Windows 7 PC. Today we should NOT be using Windows 7 because it's no longer supported. This means Windows 7 will be ever more vulnerable to viruses and malware. It also means finding meaningful and useful answers on Google is becoming ever harder.

This particular PC would no longer run Windows Essentials Updates (WLM is a part of Windows Essentials). It also craps out on many other tasks. I have advised the customer they really REALLY need to update the machines but experience tells me this won't happen until it's far too late. 

The call will come "Our PC won't boot/is virused up/the hard drive is dead/gets BSODs - HELP!" It will cost more than the cost of a new PC and my time to move the old data across (if the HDD is still remotely alive) than it will to try and recover the lost and vital data the PC currently holds. That is of course if any information is recoverable at all.

IT Support in Chorley? Contact ren@techsolus.co.uk

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