Ipad Iphone Can't Send Email

Blog Date 7 July 2021

Strange one this one. I had a call from a customer stating that on both their Iphone and Ipad they could happily receive emails but could not send them. They were getting an error regarding their password. 

Most support stuff is done remotely these days but not having any Mac access software nor the will to do battle talking the customer through installing it and the customer being but a few miles away - I arranged to go to their place.

Arrived to find this issue on not one but two Ipads as well as the phone. All the same email address all on MacMail. Also just one same address of many in the customer's various Macs. Thinking we've got a right one here I started to look through the account settings.

The password text box had - in light grey text - "Optional". It's not optional for the email servers in use. I entered the password and all was well once more. This was also the case on the other Ipad and the Iphone.

How odd. All 3 Macs were working fine yesterday, today all three are missing their password setting in the SMTP config. Either... Mac has updated something that has moofed the passwords. If this were the case though I've not had any more missing MacMail passwords so far. Or some random nefarious pixie has been into all 3 machines and removed the passwords. Strangest hack I've ever heard. Or the customer was bored and wanted to spend a half hour with a random nerd. Unlikely, while perfectly kind I could see they wanted to get on with their day.

So the mysterious case of the missing MacMail SMTP passwords on ONE ACCOUNT will forever be "causes unknown". Do you think this is one for The X Files team?

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