Ionos Hosting, HttpWebRequest And Proxy

Blog Date 19 August 2021

The Code

        MyRequest.Proxy = new WebProxy("http://winproxy.server.lan:3128");

The Explanation

Nuffink is easy. I've been working on Microsoft's Graph and trying to tie Outlook's AutoReply to Outlook's calendar. 

You CAN set Outlook to turn on (and off) Automatic Replies at a certain time and date. So if you're off on holiday from Monday 3rd until Monday 10th you can configure automatic out of office type replies to operate between these dates.

Great. But what if you only work Mondays and Tuesdays and you'd like the auto reply to send an explanatory out of office message EVERY Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? There's no option for that. 

There is however a "repeat" option in Calendar. You can set a calendar event to repeat every week. You can therefore set your calendar to show Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as "Out Of Office", for all those days into eternity, and beyond. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do the same for out of office replies?

That's what I'm working on - using MS Graph. Graph is a way of interacting with all of the Microsoft Office 365 Online offerings. You can set events in calendar, do stuff in Sharepoint and even set (or unset) automatic replies. My task it to learn this.

I'm using Ionos for hosting. Part of the Graph process is to make web requests, for example saying to Office 365 "Hey mate, can you show me any events with the subject "Out Of Office"? In C# this is done using

    HttpWebRequest MyRequest = HttpWebRequest.CreateHttp(URL);

But once set up it works at home but NOT on Ionos. I have since learned that Ionos won't let your hosted webserver simply shout out across the internet willy nilly. No, they require that you pass everything through a proxy server. I'm guessing this is to allow them to monitor server generated outgoing requests simply to prevent spamming and DOS attacks.

So - fear not. Simply apply the proxy server as shown at the top of this missive.

Office 365? Contact ren@techsolus.co.uk

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