Virgin Media VPN issues

Blog Date 31 August 2021

We aren't talking VPNs as in NordVPN and the like. Here I'm talking about a customer wanting to connect into the office remotely. Buuuuuut... this can apply to VPN services like NordVPN.

I quick-assist in, set up VPN and try to connect. It takes a while but Window's VPN complains that it can't set up the PPTP LTPP and whatnot. The connection worked fine from my PC so I've got everything else right. I suspected Virgin may be afoot here and a quick Google suggested the later routers (presently this is August 2021) are set to break VPNs.

You'll need to log in to the router - navigate to the firewall section in advanced settings - in my instance I had to allow PPTP traffic. There are other options, it might be worth playing with these.

I'm not going to walk you through the process because no doubt your router is different. Google is your friend here but remember that Virgin's routers come "out the box" such that you may have VPN issues. It appears to be fixable.

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