Word, Excel, Network, not enough available memory

I quote...

...cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory...

...and you are working on network files and you're sure there is enough memory...

The Solution

Control Panel 
Internet Options
Security Tab
Highlight "Local Intranet"
Add the server - ie. "\\"

When trying to find the answer to this I came across all kinds of settings in the particular Office program and/or files and folders. What's happening is Office thinks "Ah, this file isn't on my local PC or perhaps the local network, I'm gonna be super secure and not let you play".

You can go into the settings of each program (Excel and Word typically) and *try* to add the file or the network location to the trusted places. But you get so far then the program sulks because you're using an IP address or some other "none tickety-boo" method of referring to the file or folder.

By going through Internet Options what we're doing is saying "Look, OK, this IP is my local bleeding intranet not some random strange place out on the web. Just trust it and shurrup will ya." Of course if you DO enter some random address that turns out to be filled with malware and viruses then you're and idiot and don't blame me.

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