MS Access ASP.Net System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Unspecified error

There are many MANY reasons why you'll get this error but here's a couple to check. I'm coming from an ASP.Net front end website trying to read and write to an MS Access database in this instance.

1. Compact and Repair.
The database is dirty or somehow corrupted. Open the Access Database and run a compact and repair.

2. No User Rights.

The IIS process (IIS_USER) does not have sufficient rights to the file in the Windows file system. Check the rights on the file and/or containing folder.

3. Crapped Out IIS.

Open IIS on the server and recycle/restart BOTH the website in question AND AND the Application Pool. It could be either so do both.

Remember IIS on some servers is inetmgr in the search or try IIS. Some quirks on the servers I work with, god only knows which one is actually managing IIS.

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